The Adorable Tale

Enter KawaiiVerse, where CondomPals dwell, a rainbow crew with tales to tell. With gloves, glasses, and faces sweet, 140 traits make each unique.

Under Captain Careheart’s lead, their mission clear, they’d surely succeed. In a realm where giggles take flight, their goal was to spread wisdom and light.

Love Fest bloomed with colors bright, CondomPals’ booth a cheerful sight. Boards in hand, they shared with glee, funny messages for all to see.

Doubtful Jack dared to appear, casting shadows of uncertainty and fear. But CondomPals united, strong and true, turning doubts into laughter, they knew what to do.

A dance-off ensued, a whimsical game, messages twirled, doubt became lame. Doubtful Jack couldn’t help but smile, lessons embraced in playful style.

As the carnival faded, CondomPals knew, their mission accomplished, their spirits anew. With promises to return and share more, they left hearts enlightened, wisdom to store.

In the realm of KawaiiVerse, they remain, guardians of love’s joyous reign. With heart-shaped gloves and glasses so fine, they’ll keep spreading wisdom, for all of time.

Rainbow Roadmap

Sparkly Website Launch

Welcome to CondomPals’ Digital Haven! 🎉 Our kawaii adventure begins with the dazzling launch of the CondomPals website, a virtual paradise where cuteness reigns supreme. Prepare to dive into a world of whimsy, charm, and endless fun as you explore our collection of adorable CondomPals. The launch has cast a spell of delight upon the web, and we can’t wait to share this enchanting journey with you.

Smart Contract Sparkles & December Minting

Our journey continues as we gear up to deploy the smart contract that will bring our beloved CondomPals to life. It’s a countdown to December 2023, when the magic of minting will commence. Get ready to witness the birth of these lovable characters, each ready to spread joy, laughter, and kawaii vibes throughout the blockchain.

Love Chronicles Discord Adventure

💖 Love Tales Blossom: Get cozy in our Love Chronicles Discord server, a haven exclusively for CondomPals holders. Inside, a secret channel awaits, echoing with heartwarming stories and encounters. It’s a place where love intertwines with kawaii, and where every tale shared adds a sprinkle of sweetness to our growing CondomPals family.

Sizzling Kawaii Seduction 

Brace yourselves for the grand reveal! In April 2024, we’re launching our sexiest collection yet, wrapped in irresistible Kawaii charm. Tailored for everyone – men, women, and all souls enchanted by the allure of CondomPals. Hold 5 CondomPals in your wallet, and voilà! You’ll receive a free mint, granting you access to the epitome of kawaii seduction. Join us in this captivating adventure!

Curious Queries & Cuddles

Feeling a bit lost in the answers forest?

Drop a kawaii note here and let’s untangle the cuteness! @CondomPals

Easy-peasy! In the delightful land of Polygon, our CondomPals can party without those eye-watering Ethereum fees! Think of it as a cozy kawaii haven where our cuties can giggle freely. Join the fluffiness without breaking the bank!

Ah, our delightful fee dances at 4% – just a sprinkle of kawaii magic to keep our CondomPals giggling and spreading joy!

Our enchanting code is still getting ready for the grand dance! There's plenty of time for sparkles and glitter. Check back later, and you'll find the address glowing with kawaii magic!

We're brewing up something super secret and extra kawaii! Can't spill all the sparkles yet, but here's a sneak peek: CondomPals holders, with their magical hearts, get an exclusive pass to the free mint allowlist! Get ready for the hottest, most dazzling collection you've ever laid eyes on.

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